Our Objects

* To receive grants, endowments, subscriptions and donations for the purpose of the School, the College, the University, the Institutions or the associated ancillary research or social service educational institutions of the trust.

* To establish and maintain through hire, lease or purchase an efficient Central Office of the Trust and for its institutions in other locations and elsewhere as needed with adequate staff, modern equipment and facilities with guest, visitors and staff accommodations.

* Provide hostel and residences as may be needed for such staff, students and workers who belong to or work for it.

* Engage, Invest or enter into any contractual obligations for the purpose of promotion of sound and liberal education.

* Enter into any arrangement with any Government for securing grants-in-aid of any school or research or educational or social service institution.

* Provide for welfare and on humanitarian grounds all necessary facilities for the benefit of all education and research.

* To conduct examinations in the School or in Collegse and to prescribe courses of instructions and to demand and receive such fees as may be prescribed by the regulations.

* To supervise the residence, pastoral care, relationships, progress, health growth and discipline of the students.